How to Budget for Big Expenses

Budget for Big Expenses

 Budgeting is not easy. Also, a portion of people finds, it is absolutely boring.  But it is very crucial if you are having an upcoming big expense otherwise you will not able to prepare for the urgency. In this article, we will describe some of the guidelines and if you follow these guidelines properly, then you can easily able to fund a budget for big expenses. 

 Figure out your irregular expense: 

Most people fail to save because of irregular income. Irregular comes very rarely, such as sudden treatment-related problem or life insurance premium that comes twice or thrice in the whole year. Plan for this sort of expense at the beginning of the year. And following that keep aside a portion of your income for that. Thus you able to counter the irregular expense

 Pen it whatever your monthly expense:

 Less or more, every person has an expense. We need to calculate all these before starting the month. After that, we can calculate the expense and the income ratio and then we decide over what to cut out and what to keep in.

 Provide a wage yourself before starting any other expense: 

Paying a wage is very important to keep yourself motivated. Also, it is beneficial to prepare you for the big-budget expense.  Before starting any kind of monthly expense, you preserve your money for yourself.

 Schedule your payouts: 

Generally, we all have monthly payments such as electricity bills, fuel costs, etc. which come in a certain interval. If we plan all these payouts according to the particular time period then we will feel exaggerate financial relaxation for ourselves. That will ultimately help us to plan out a big expense. 

 Pay the premium in a small amount:

 Maximum people opt for the yearly or annual insurance installment payment. But this mode of payments puts a heavy financial burden on their head. On the other hand, if they break the installments into a smaller size, then it will not create a burden on their head and they will easily able to pay the bills very easily. This will help you to make a budget for big expenses.

Plan and determine where to expense the money: 

There are many people all around us who even don’t where expense and where to make a crosscut. Well, this is no tough process.  Simply Sit and think about your necessities. And then invest in it. Meanwhile, crosscut the unnecessary one. 

Gradually build a small savings habit: 

Making savings is also requires disciple and habit. There are many people around us when they get the money they waste on unnecessary things. If you are on the same path, stop doing this.

 Correct mistakes of past: 

Learn from your past. List out all the mistaken financial expenses. Further, work on it to get a complete recovery.

At the ending of the article, we must say that budgeting is also a habit, which gradually rises with practice. If you do that practice you will able to budget your big expense within a short period of time. 

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Personal finance mistakes you should avoid during the lock-down

Personal finance mistakes you should avoid during the lock-down

As we have come up with some tips and tricks by which you can avoid any personal finance mistakes in the current situation.

Not availing of the moratorium for credit card dues

The government has come up with a COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken the world with its wrath and continues to do so till now. Governments of the countries across the globe started enforcing lockdown and the citizens are still in a state of home quarantine. The global economy has come to a standstill and the job market has taken a blow. This is an emergency and it is critical as well. This is the time where you must avoid making any personal finance mistakes during the lockdown as resources are less.

Managing your personal finance can be a difficult thing to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. But do not worry about a financial relaxation technique for the credit card users and that is nothing but a moratorium. Should you avail of it and push back the payment date of your credit card dues? Well, it might be a good idea.

As soon as you avail of the moratorium, you will accumulate higher financial charges. The debt piles up more and postponing the payment date does not help you in the long run. This can turn out into a personal finance mistake and you can enter the debt trap.

Withdrawing cash using your credit card

You must avoid doing this action at any cost. It may look to be an easy and convenient thing to do in the beginning, but this can be one of your greatest personal finance mistakes. Always stick to the debit card balance.

This is because credit cards attract a very high-interest rate and this will fall heavily on you. Try to make a budget and manage your personal finance properly.

Make use of your reward points

Did you know that your credit card gave you reward points? If not, then it is time to check out those reward points. Your reward points have a specific validity and do not underestimate the power of those points.

They can be used for discounts, shopping, and other purchases, ultimately maximizing your savings. Remember that your saving, whether it is a big or a small amount, can help you pass through the tough phase of lockdowns. This is a great way to manage your personal finance and stay afloat.

Check your credit score

You must keep track of your credit score to manage your personal finance properly. Now, why is a credit score important? A credit score defines your credibility and acts as an approval parameter for the financial institutions. Suppose you go to a bank post-COVID-19 and try to get a loan.

Your credit score will determine whether you are eligible to get a loan or not. To improve your credit score, always make payments on time, and check your credit score.

The above tips and tricks are some of the major ones and you can follow them to avoid any personal finance mistakes during the lockdown.

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Top 5 money management suggestions for COVID 19 crisis

money management suggestions for the COVID 19 crisis

The COVID 19 crisis has crippled the world population as well as the world economy. Many nations have witnessed and are witnessing lockdowns to slow down the infection rate. Banks and commercial sectors are shut and offices have been closed down. A financial crisis has also emerged in such a critical situation. The common people and daily wage earners became the worst affected group in the COVID 19 crisis. 

There has been a scarcity of many essential items during the COVID 19 crisis and people are unable to go to their nearest ATMs and banks to withdraw money. This is a vulnerable time for the nation and the world economy. Liquid cash and liquidated funds are quite essential these days. But you should not spend them in an unplanned way.

Here are top 5 money management suggestions for the COVID 19 crisis which you must follow:

1 . Keep cash in hand

Always keep in mind that you will need cash anytime. The banks and ATMs might run out of cash anytime soon. Emergencies come uninvited and you will need cash at that time. Your job can be at stake and it is not a great idea to spend your liquid cash. Use mobile payments and debit cards to do your shopping and bill payments. Keep the cash in hand.

2 . Save up your money

The COVID 19 crisis has trembled the world economy. There is a chance that you might lose your job. If you lose your job, then there will be no source of income presently. You should be prepared to lose your job mentally. During this time, saving money is a great money suggestion. You should plan your expenses and save your money as much as possible. Cut down on your unnecessary expenses.

3 . Stop borrowing money

Stop borrowing money from your friends and relatives during the COVID 19 crisis period. This is a great money suggestion indeed. Clear out the outstanding debts if you have any. Plan your expenses in such a way that you do not have to ask for money from people. You can withdraw cash from your bank account using a debit card if you do not have enough cash. Do not get into a debt trap in this COVID 19 crisis.

4 . Make a list of assets

You might need money any time soon. To achieve this, you need to make a list of all the assets you possess. Make a list of the assets which you can sell in emergency situations. Selling them will help you get past any undesirable situation in the future. The items can be gold, valuable ornaments, property, bonds, and other stuff. Remember that nothing is more valuable than life.

5 . Falling in traps during COVID 19 crisis

Do not fall into traps. This is perhaps the best money suggestion in crisis situations. The shares will go down and the prices of many items will fall down. Many dealers will suggest and advise you about buying and selling assets but do not fall prey to their advice. You should not think of buying or selling valuable assets such as property in critical situations. Let the time pass away and then make your move. You can save the needed money by following this money suggestion.

COVID 19  crisis is a serious global problem. These are 5 money management suggestions for COVID 19 crisis there are many more. The most important thing to do at this time is saving and sending less money. You must remember that crisis situations stay for an indefinite time. Start saving money and try to follow the above-mentioned money suggestions. You should protect yourself financially to plan ahead mentally.

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Best Side Business to Fund Your Startup

Best Side Business to Fund Your Startup

On the days like today, the inflation rate, as well as the expenditure rate, is very high. To sustain in this stiff, competent, and fragile market, you need multiple sources of income and a startup is the best thing that can give you the maximum support on this discourse. Coming up with a new startup idea is always considered the best way to ensure your financial freedom. In this new age of information, there are many facilities around us likewise widespread availability of the internet and with that, we can start our own venture with ease.  If you can start a side business to fund your startup, that can be great.

Below we have discussed some of the beneficial ideas that can help you to Fund Your Startup:

 Teach or Start your public speaking platform: 

Needless to say that these days, it is a very lucrative business to start up. Many prominent institutions such as educational institutions, business enterprises hire them to speak in front of the audiences and thus in this way the public speakers charm up the audiences at an extensive rate. Most importantly, you need not be brilliant in your academics, if have any specialized skill such as expertise in cooking, photography, painting, or anything in the other world, you can showcase your talent prior to motivating your audience.

 Start your entertainment platform on social media: 

Social media is now on the boom in the market. Also, thousands of people earning a lot of money by using social media platforms. Especially you can access as well as earn through social media without any constraints such as time-related, place, religion, and demographic barriers. You can use this platform and start your business to fund your startup. Coming up with any special skill and following that, starting a social media platform like opening a YouTube channel may give an immense benefit. 

 Sell your photographs online:

 Selling photographs is also a lucrative idea. Essentially you can start it in accordance with your time. If you are a creative person and you love to capture photographs, then purchase a premium quality camera. After that associate with many stock selling websites such as gitty image. From there, you can easily earn some and meanwhile, you will able to continue your current profession. This could help you to fund your startup.

 Be a part-time designer:

 Designing is a creative profession and there is no time-bound in this profession. If you have the knack for design, then you can start an online design service providing the website to enter into supporting-profession. You will find many websites that are providing the options to be associate with them. At the initial level, you may not find massive projects. But in the course of time, you will get many projects.

 Be freelance coder: 

Without a doubt, in this twentieth century, coding is an attractive option to earn money. Also, if you are looking for the options that you can do side by side in your profession then coding can be a good option. If you have the knowledge of coding then pursue the earning opportunity as you will thousands of options to be a freelance website developer on online platforms.

 Market your creativity in the market: 

Creativity cannot be confined in the words. Frankly speaking, creativity is a widespread in-depth concept that can include anything. For example, even if a person makes a hot cup of coffee with excellence, then it can also be termed as creativity. Similarly, if you feel that you have any kind of skill, like pottery ornament making or anything, then you can sell your skill. You never know maybe your support income may become your main profession.

 Be a freelance writer or start blogging:

 If you are writing occasionally although you love writing, then freelance writing or blogging can be the best platform for you. In the initial days start a website and then upload content on a regular basis. Further, to be a freelance blogger first develop your online presence. After that start regular pitching. In this way, you can continue your blogging. On the other hand, to become a freelance writer connect associate your writing project advancing sites.

 Be a creative candle seller:

 You can also be a proud candle seller. With simple training, you start this innovative venture. You can sell your craft near your home or in your local community. Thus you can attain a part-time income.

Organize some events for others to fund your startup: 

Event management is a lucrative option that you can do side by side in your profession. First, make a program. Then create a visiting card for and distribute it in your circle.

 Create enthralling cakes and sell these cakes online: 

If you have the special skill to make the cakes, then you can sell side by side your business.

 In the site of all the above information, we say that these are some side business ideas to fund your startup without any such great hazard.

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